WIFI TOOL App Reviews

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Doesn’t connect

Does not work with new iOS versions. Connects to WiFi on the device but not seen or recognized by the app.

Does not work with newest iOS

I was able to install the app to my iOS 11.2.2 iPad, and it opens w/o crashing, but doesn’t display an image. On a hunch I grabbed an older iPad running iOS 9.3.5 and it works. One odd “feature” of the On/Off/LightIntensity thumbwheel seems to be that if you just get the thumbwheel Close to clicking Off, it will disconnect from WiFi and then one’s iGizmo will instantly re-connect to its normal home wifi signal. Awkward! Needs an update for iOS 11, but upon contacting their Tech Support the impression they gave was that it would not be fixed; they advised me to return it!? I’ll keep it and use my old ipad.

Poorly designed app

Worked great for awhile and not it will not give me a picture on screen at all.

Does not work

Multiple image freezes finally ending in app crash. Tried an iPhone and iPad with same results. Returning camera to store asap.

Unstable and unreliable

The image freezes frequently for long periods if time. These freezes usually end in the app spontaneously quitting. I can't get an image back until I've turned the camera off and back on again, re-synced with my phone, and forced the app to restart. This process makes the camera essentially unusable. Things like distance between camera and the phone and the state of the camera batteries make no difference.

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